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Throughout the 13-episode season, Michel shares her vegan experiences with vegans and non vegans alike. 
Vegan chefs and vegan restaurant owners, those who have never eaten meat, and those who have never considered veganism... 

As she travels this journey with the other hosts, the humor and professional cooking presentations promote the great benefits of a vegan diet and provide an entertaining illustration of how to enjoy the journey of improving your health, happiness, and overall quality of life. 

Going Vegan promotes healthy eating, beneficial lifestyle changes and exemplifies values that encourage loving yourself, personal growth, and most importantly, having fun while you live your life!

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About the Host, Michel Cockerham

Former Corporate Exec,

when Michel was growing up, around her middle school years, she told her parents that she didn't want to eat pigs or cows.  Lol.  Her grandparents were pig farmers- she visited the slaughterhouse and saw how animals were treated there. It broke her heart. After middle school, she deserted dairy in 2012, and then later tapered the lamb, chicken, and turkey off in mid-2015. Her final battle was the salmon, in September 2015. Since switching her diet, she has experienced tremendous improvements in her health and life as a whole.


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