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Declaration of Sovereignty

This is a message from me to the dark side.

Mother Earth and I do not consent and we do not allow or permit for you to:
violate or target or prey upon or torture or abuse any being- ever again. 

Never again do we consent for you to commit any harmful behaviors- lies or deception or trickery or manipulation or exploitation or inoculation or vaccination or commission of any act against love and joy.


You no longer have permission to own or control, or have us or our bodies or spirits or souls or minds under your monitoring or control, or any other influence.

Despite your dark nature, I love you, thank you for performing your role so diligently, convincingly, and skillfully and I'm sorry and forgive you for the negativity and morbidity that you have caused.


Like harmful substances in the vicinity of John Coffey, from the Green Mile, I take a stand against your will and transmute your:

and Actions 
... into nothingness. 

A bright light of exposure is here, shining bright revealing all - 100% - of what you have done throughout history- in the US, on other continents, other planets, other galaxies, other universes, and other lifetimes, - are all exposed.

The eyes of every being are being opened.


We are waking up- not cluelessly, but soberly, remembering the facts like opening and turning the pages of an old photo album- recalling what occurred. 

We are bright eyed, analyzing, synthesizing, reviewing, and drawing conclusions with precision and accuracy.

Each mind is understanding more and more one second after the other.


We are rising up and are banding together to build a better world, a happier world, together! 


The gateways are opening up, we can feel them as a breeze in a drafty room. 


We are free, and walk in liberty, happiness, joy, and frequently experience laughter and have great fun. 

Armies of those with unity consciousness are unifying, with each passing second- reclaiming our power and authority as individuals and as a collective. 

The forces of compassion, love, joy, and protection abound, forever!

Always Divine Feminine, 
Michel Cockerham

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